Sustainable Jewelry Manufacturer

Jewelry Shines Brighter on A Better Earth

We create jewelry that not only shines where you want it to but should also make every corner of the planet shine. We must make the planet a better place.

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Ethical and Undisputed Origin

Connected with certified suppliers with over 8 years of cooperation, we easily access gemstones that match your requirements and can match the grade you need.

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Recyclable and Eco-friendly Raw Materials

We test metal materials for hazardous substances and ensure their durability. Being tested to have at least 92.5% silver, our silver is recyclable and can be reshaped for sustainable use.

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Meticulous and Skillful Craftsmanship

Experienced craftsmen are attentive in coordinating their handiwork to capture all your desired details for your jewelry. Additionally, we use environmentally friendly, nickel-free plating to reduce waste.

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Total and Rigorous Quality Control

We adopt bottom-up quality control management through periodic workers reassessments, manual inspections, strict traceability management of suppliers, and third-party testing at varied levels.