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How to Stop Silver from Tarnishing 5 Simple Ways
How to Stop Silver from Tarnishing: 5 Simple Ways

You have recently purchased some pure silver and sterling silver jewelry pieces that would …

How to Clean Tarnished Silver
Does Silver Tarnish? What You Need To Know

Silver is a precious metal that has been used for centuries to create beautiful …

What Does 925 on Jewelry Mean
What Does 925 on Jewelry Mean?

Are you curious about the meaning behind the enigmatic code “925” stamped on gold-plated …

Whats the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver
What’s the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver?

Have you ever seen something labeled as silver but later found out it was …

small white bead held with tweezers with a gloved hand below
How to Maximize Quality Control in Wholesale Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry production and wholesale, ensuring that products are free from …

jewelry recall
The Great Jewelry Recall Caper: How to Keep Your Business Out of Trouble

Jewelry recalls are an unfortunate occurrence in the jewelry industry, where products are either …

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How To Mass Produce Your Jewelry (Insider Secrets Included)

Are you looking for a jewelry fabrication manufacturer, but not sure who to trust? …