Jewelry Quality Management

Artisanship Endows Distinction

It Is All in The Details

We take care of every detail of our products, whether it is the selection of raw materials or the trimming of the raw edges of our molds, we strive to eliminate every defect so you receive jewelry that exceeds your expectations.

Add intricate details to your finished jewelry by engraving words, patterns, and brand logos through various laser processing options.

We employ customized sanding and polishing techniques to achieve different surface finishes, such as a satin finish or a final mirror finish for your demands.

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All-around Quality Management for Peace of Mind

Incoming Material Inspection

Production & Process Control

Finished Product Inspection

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Our Emphasis on Quality Management

Below 1,000 lifetime injections

Based on the design complexity, silicone molds are used for less than 1,000 injections for consistent production.

4 rounds of QC before shipment

Strong enforcement of quality control from start to finish ensures you get export-quality custom jewelry.

99.8% of fabrication yield rate

Regular employee training and production updates raise our fabrication yield rate higher than industry standards of 95%.


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