Lean Jewelry Manufacturing

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CAD & 3D Technology

Updated CAD software for fast and accurate 3D renderings.

Well-detailed Procedure

For efficient production, all 15 workshops have established standards.

Superior Materials

 5A cubic zirconia and imported materials from reputable sources.

High Standard At Every Stage

computer screen showing a ring design on different angles

Modern Jewelry Design

Modeling and rendering according to your needs, with detailed jewelry drawing as well as for verifying prices.

Master Mold
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Proven Jewelry Mold Fabrication

Ensuring the fineness and accuracy of our master molds is our guarantee of excellence in jewelry quality. Our workers possess 15+ years of mastering experience, allowing the quality of each mold always stable.

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Optimized Jewelry Model

The meticulous wax injection process ensures the delicate appearance of the mold without defects. It reduces the surface roughness of the jewelry, and improves the efficiency of welding and polishing later.

melted metal poured in the cast

Sophisticated Casting

After the wax tree is reversed, we use a unique lose-wax casting method, giving your jewelry a distinctive look. The mastery of skilled masters allows the castings to stand the test of time while maintaining a consistent quality of the jewelry.

pendant frame under a polisher

Delicate Polishing

We use advanced polishing machines, wheels and puffs, plus finely-customized tools for workers to polish in hard to reach areas.

gloved hand holding a pin with a gem being attached using pliers

Intricate Stone Setting

With the top-notch craftsmanship of our skilled workers, the gemstone settings are solid at all times and still on trend.Whether in transport or in daily use, they remain reliable and resistant to damage.

white stone being attached to a piece of jewelry using pliers

Seamless Assembly

We cater to your customization needs in terms of private labels, custom logos and compact accessories, ensuring that your jewelry has a unique personality while reaching a wide audience in the marketplace.

gold tool with jewepiter name over a block of clay

Well-crafted Engraving

As a popular customization option, laser engraving can give your jewelry an outstanding style, with great precision. We further offer a diverse range of engraving styles to expand the competitiveness of your jewelry in your target market.

several square silver earrings held on cartons arranged inside plastic

Attentive Packaging

You can get jewelry boxes in leather, velvet, paper, etc. We make sure all packaging materials are hardened and thickened so the packages are safe to deliver.

Get Extra Value from A Featured Jewelry Manufacturer

Our designers create detailed jewelry based on your specific needs and concepts, implementing various styles and techniques to enhance the quality.

Perfection Takes Craftsmanship

To meet the various demands each market has in both quality and manufacturing speed, we fuse state-of-art production equipment, expert handcrafting process, and stringent quality protocols.

Cutting Silicone Molds
Experience the time-honed skills of our crafters through production quality, speed, and efficiency in mold-making.
Manual Polishing
Rough spots on each mold are manually refined for elevated detail.
Hand-set Gems
Gems are kept pristine upon assembly, without any breaks or cracks.
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