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We Serve With Strong Values

Profound Expertise

We have extensive knowledge for 25+ years regarding the best materials, designs, and craftsmanship at a fast turnaround time.

Hassle-free Service

From idea to the final product, we handle the entire process, taking care of everything from drafting.

Praiseworthy Artisanship

Expertise from artisans lays the foundation for meticulous production and premium quality.

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Everlasting Excellence

Mastery & Perfection From Relentless Dedication

In the 1990s, our founder James Song’s mother worked in the jewelry industry and was one of the industry’s top craftsmen. James Song grew up with a taste for jewelry manufacturing. In 1997 he founded Jewepiter, holding his mother and many other top craftsmen up as a benchmark. Their expertise has laid the foundation for meticulous craftsmanship.


After two generations of relentless pursuit of excellence, Jewepiter stands at the top of the jewelry manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, we are still obsessed with fine details and craftsmanship, and at the same time, insist on researching trends to design Chinese jewelry that will amaze the world.

The Proactive Team Behind

All our products always follow strict requirements and controls. The majority of our workers have 5-10 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, which has laid the foundation for our brand to be refined as well as consistent quality.

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Sampling Team
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Design Team
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Production Team
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Packaging Team

Company History


Set up a specific foreign trade department in 2017 and reach 95% of product export rate.



Started to provide full service of jewelry OEM and ODM for all kinds of customers.



Focused on export orders for overseas markets, the main markets being Europe and the United States.



Founded and mainly produces gold, silver, and brass jewelry for the domestic market in China.



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