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Black Pearl Ring


Minimum Order Quantity - 50 units per design.
Base Metal - Brass or sterling silver.
Plating Color - Silver, gold, rose gold, etc.


Yes, we do custom jewelry too! We can customize your jewelry by changing stone colors, metals, plating, designs, and more. Let's make something you'll love. Tell us what you need in the cart or contact us.

Production/Shipping Time

Average Sample Time - 3-7 business days.
Average Production Time - 2-4 weeks after proof approval.
Average Transit Time - 3-7 business days.
Rush Options - Email sales@jewepiter.com if you need more information.

  • Superior Customization

  • Excellent Craftmanship

  • Prompt After-Sale Service

  • Satisified Delivery


Immerse your discerning clientele in an ocean of elegance with our Black Pearl Ring – a mesmeric masterpiece of jewelry design. Crafted with finesse and precision, this ring captures the enigmatic allure of the black pearl, nestled in a hollow-carved heart. The design, a stunning blend of sophistication and creativity, is a nod to the discerning tastes of your customers who seek out extraordinary and unique jewelry.

The focal point of the ring is the entrancing black pearl, a gem associated with wealth, prosperity, and luck. Its iridescent sheen and exotic aura make it a must-have for jewelry enthusiasts. Each pearl is meticulously chosen for its lustrous appeal and perfect shape, ensuring that your customers get nothing short of the best.

The ring’s water-drop design is a testament to our commitment to innovation and style. This unique design element adds a layer of elegance and fluidity to the piece, setting it apart from conventional ring designs. It is sure to appeal to your customers who love to make a bold style statement.

Adding a touch of glamor to the ring is the strategically placed Cubic Zirconia. Its sparkle complements the pearl’s lustrous sheen, creating a perfect harmony of elements. The Cubic Zirconia elevates the aesthetic appeal of the ring, making it an irresistible addition to your jewelry collection.

Our Black Pearl Ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s an embodiment of class and sophistication. Offering this to your customers means providing them with a piece that is sure to become a cherished favorite in their collection. It’s more than a purchase; it’s an investment in elegance and style.

Jewelry Base Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Jewelry Plating Color: Gold Plating
Materials: Pearl & Cubic Zirconia
Size: 23mm x 16mm
Weight: 4.6g
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