Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business

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The packaging for your jewelry business needs to be both practical and appealing, ensuring that the jewelry arrives safely at its destination while also enhancing the overall customer experience.

When choosing jewelry packaging, the first thing to consider is its functionality. The choice of packaging material and style should align with the characteristics of the jewelry, providing ample protection. 

Secondly, the packaging should also meet customers’ needs, such as being easy to open and close, easy to store and carry, etc. 

Lastly, the packaging design should reflect the concept of environmental protection and conservation, avoiding waste and pollution.

So, how to package jewelry? What’s the best way to pack necklaces? How about packing jewelry in general? Let’s delve deeper into this.

1. Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business

Anti-oxidation Bags

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 2

Anti-oxidation bags are a common method for packing jewelry. These bags are designed to shield your jewelry from air, moisture, and dust, ensuring the jewelry remains untarnished during transportation and storage.

There are different types of anti-oxidation bags, such as OPP self-adhesive bags, CPE self-sealing bags, PVC self-sealing bags, and EVA sealing bags, each with their distinctive attributes.

OPP self-adhesive bags: High transparency, low price, suitable for lightweight metal or plastic jewelry, but not heat-resistant, cannot be reused.

CPE self-sealing bags: Thick, elastic, suitable for heavier metal or wooden jewelry, but opaque, prone to scratches.

PVC self-sealing bags: Good gloss, high flexibility, suitable for shiny metal or crystal jewelry, but easily attracts dust, can be reused.

EVA sealing bags: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water and moisture-resistant, suitable for colored metal or pearl jewelry, but easily deformed, not wear-resistant.

When using these bags, ensure you choose the appropriate size and sealing method for the safest way to ship jewelry. Also, store in a location away from direct sunlight and high humidity environments.

Jewelry Pouches and Velvet Bags

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 3

Velvet bags are another popular form of jewelry packaging. They enhance the appearance of the jewelry and protect it from scratches. 

However, velvet bags easily attract dust and require regular cleaning. A small tip is to add a card inside the velvet bag, which can better protect the jewelry and prevent deformation or damage.

There are various types of jewelry pouches available in the market, such as button velvet bags, microfiber flip-cover envelope bags, and drawstring bags.

Button velvet bags: Easy to open and close, simple in shape, suitable for small earrings, rings, etc., not for long-term repeated use.

Microfiber flip-cover envelope bags: Delicate texture, comfortable to touch, suitable for high-end necklaces, bracelets, etc., can be used for a long time, but the closure is not secure and easily opens.

Drawstring bags: Large capacity, flexible tightening, suitable for multiple-piece jewelry sets, gifts, etc., but not easy to flatten, not aesthetically pleasing, drawstring has creases after the first tightening.

Jewelry Gift Boxes

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 4


Another prevalent method of jewelry packaging is using paper boxes. Specifically, drawer paper boxes, heaven and earth lid paper boxes, and folding paper boxes are common types.

Paper boxes are relatively cheap, easy to customize and transport, but they are not water-resistant, not pressure-resistant, and the production process has a significant impact on the environment.

Drawer paper boxes: Sturdy structure, smooth opening and closing, although they take up more space, they are an ideal choice for delicate rings and studs.

Heaven and Earth lid paper boxes: Beautiful in shape, although prone to falling off, they provide sufficient protection for lightweight necklaces and bracelets.

Folding paper boxes: Recently popular folding packaging paper boxes, due to their space-saving and easy to transport and store features, are loved by many jewelry sellers. Of course, the price will be higher than ordinary paper boxes.

Plastic Jewelry Boxes

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 5

Plastic boxes provide dust and moisture resistance, high transparency, allowing consumers to see the jewelry inside at a glance. They are not heat-resistant, prone to aging, and are not environmentally friendly.

PE plastic transparent film suspension box is a special type of plastic jewelry box, it uses two layers of transparent film to fix the jewelry in the middle of the box, creating a floating effect, displaying the whole view of the jewelry, enhancing visual impact. 

This kind of box is very suitable for three-dimensional jewelry, such as rings, earrings, and pendants.

PU Jewelry Boxes

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 6

PU boxes are actually hard  boxes covered with PU leather. They have good texture, strong durability, can effectively protect jewelry, are cheaper than other jewelry boxes, and are easy to clean. 

They can generate different texture patterns using special techniques. PU boxes are very suitable for packaging jewelry of various price ranges, such as gems, as well as gold and silver products.

Solid Wood Jewelry Boxes

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 7

Solid wood jewelry boxes are a natural, high-quality choice for jewelry packaging. They can prevent moisture and pests and have excellent durability. However, these boxes are heavy, not easy to carry, and require regular waxing maintenance.

Leather Jewelry Boxes

Leather boxes, with their high-end appearance and comfortable touch, have become a common choice for jewelry packaging. The gloss and texture of the leather can reflect the quality and taste of the jewelry. 

Leather boxes are particularly suitable for personalized jewelry, such as engraved, custom, handmade, etc., which require more special protection and display.

Sustainable Jewelry Packaging

Sustainable jewelry packaging is another important factor to consider. With the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are now opting for recycled jewelry boxes and other eco-friendly packaging options. 

For instance, honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly alternative to the commonly used bubble wrap plastic padding. 

2. What’s the Best Way to Ship Expensive Jewelry? 

How do you ensure that your high-value items arrive safely at their destination? 

The answer is solid wood jewelry boxes and PU/leather boxes or customized jewelry boxes. 

These boxes offer excellent protection, making them the safest way to ship jewelry. Solid wood jewelry boxes, in particular, are perfect for high-value collectable jewelry, such as antiques, jade, pearls, etc.

3. Jewelry Packaging Branding Methods

It’s not just about how to package jewelry, but also about how to package a necklace or earrings in a way that reflects your brand image. 

You can enhance your brand recognition by printing your logo on your jewelry packaging. There are various methods available, such as hot stamping, printing, screen printing, stickers, and embossing.

Hot stamping

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 9

It’s a method of using high temperature to press the metal foil on the packaging surface, forming a metal gloss LOGO. It can enhance the grade of the packaging, but it is not easy to control the color, the color selection is single. Suitable for leather boxes, PU boxes, paper boxes, etc.

Logo printing

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 1

Printing is using ink to directly print the LOGO on the packaging surface, forming colorful patterns. It can showcase the personality of the packaging, but it is prone to fading, not wear-resistant, suitable for plastic boxes, paper boxes, etc.


They’re to stick the LOGO on the packaging surface, forming simple patterns. It can save costs, small batches can generate corresponding logo stickers, and is the best choice for small batch custom logos. 

But the size of the logo sticker is fixed, it needs to be manually stuck, it is not beautiful, suitable for paper boxes, PU boxes, and wooden boxes, etc.


Embossing uses pressure to press the LOGO on the packaging surface, forming a concave-convex effect. It can highlight the quality of the packaging, but it is not easy to recognize, not prominent, suitable for leather boxes, PU boxes, solid wood jewelry boxes, etc.

4. How to Wrap a Jewelry Box

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business 8


Tissue paper, and ribbons are often used. They not only protect the jewelry from scratches but also enhance the overall appearance of the package. You can even print your logo on them to further boost your brand identity.

Tissue Paper: It’s a thin and smooth type of paper used to wrap jewelry to prevent scratches and enhance gloss, generally used for metal or crystal jewelry. You can print a logo on it to have a stronger brand identity.

Honeycomb Paper: It’s a type of paper with a honeycomb structure used to pad inside the jewelry box, increase elasticity, reduce vibrations, generally used for heavier or fragile jewelry. It’s more environmentally friendly than commonly used bubble wrap plastic padding.

Ribbon: It’s a thin strip of cloth used to tie on the exterior of the jewelry packaging to enhance its beauty and express emotions, generally used for gifts or holiday jewelry. You can also customize a brand LOGO on the ribbon.

Sealing Sticker: It’s a small sticker with adhesive used to seal the jewelry packaging to prevent loosening and loss, generally used for anti-oxidation bags, paper boxes, etc.

Mail Bag: It’s a plastic bag used for mailing or transporting to protect the jewelry packaging from damage and pollution, generally used for online shopping or wholesale jewelry. Customizing your own logo courier bag is also one of the ways to enhance brand identity.

5. How to Package Jewelry for Shipping

To avoid overspending on packaging, use cheap packaging materials and small envelopes instead of large boxes to control costs.

There are several factors to consider when deciding how to package jewelry for your business. 

From understanding the best way to package necklaces and how to wrap jewelry to choosing the right packaging materials and branding methods, every detail is important. 

Take the time to carefully plan your packaging strategy, considering the type of jewelry, its value, your customers’ needs, and the brand image you wish to project. 

With the correct approach, your packaging can significantly contribute to your jewelry business’s success.

Your jewelry merits the utmost care and packaging finesse. Whether you’re dealing in necklaces, rings, bracelets, or other items, here’s how to guarantee your jewelry reaches your customers in perfect condition, and with an attractive presentation.

1. Consider if your jewelry manufacturer offers a packing service. This could alleviate a lot of the stress involved in packaging.

2. To prevent the jewelry from incurring scratches or becoming entangled, employ small plastic bags for each individual item. This also shields your jewelry from potential moisture and dust.

3. Select a box or pouch that perfectly accommodates your jewelry. Ensure it’s not excessively large or overly compact for the jewelry.

4. Nestle your box or pouch in tissue paper or protective foam, and then place it within a shipping box. If you opt for a pouch, consider a smaller box or robust envelope to prevent it from being crushed. Seal your shipping box securely with tape and attach a label.

Packaging expenses can escalate rapidly, so avoid using more materials than necessary. Consider purchasing supplies in bulk to save on costs. And for that extra touch, use branded boxes or pouches to wow your customers and give your business a promotional boost!


In conclusion, there are various factors to consider when figuring out how to package jewelry for your business. 

From understanding the best way to pack necklaces and how to wrap jewelry to selecting the right packaging materials and branding methods, every detail matters. 

So, take the time to plan your packaging strategy carefully, keeping in mind the type of jewelry, its value, the needs of your customers, and the brand image you want to convey. With the right approach, your packaging can contribute significantly to the success of your jewelry business.

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