Protect Your Business from Fake-Gold Plated Jewelry

Author: Jewepiter Team

So, you’re an online jewelry seller, and you’re constantly walking the tightrope between cost and quality. The allure of gold-plated jewelry is undeniable, with its affordable price tag and shimmering gold-like appearance. It offers the perfect sweet spot between beauty and cost. 

But wait, what’s that looming on the horizon? It’s the menace of electroplated fake-gold jewelry, threatening to throw your careful balance into disarray.

This low-quality fake-gold plated jewelry has been the downfall of many jewelry sellers, costing them their credibility and a pretty penny. Steering clear of these fraudulent pieces is a prolonged battle that demands your attention. 

Let’s dive into the murky waters of identifying fake-gold plated jewelry and understanding its impact on your business.

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1. The Lowdown on Gold-Plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is created by electroplating a thin layer of gold onto another metal. The result is a shiny and lustrous appearance that resembles real gold. 

However, not all gold plating is genuine. Some jewelry factories use fake gold plating, which is usually made of a brass-based solution that imitates the color of 18K gold.

Fake gold plating has a major flaw – it oxidizes and changes color over time, usually within three months. 

This happens because the protective film on the surface of the fake gold, which is supposed to prevent oxidation and discoloration, gets damaged. 

When this film is broken, air gets in and causes the fake gold to tarnish and fade. Unlike real gold plating, fake gold plating is dull and flat.

2. How to Identify Fake-Gold Plated Jewelry

Wondering how to spot fake gold-plated jewelry? Here are some handy tips:

Color: Fake gold-plated jewelry often sports a darker hue and lacks the luster of gold.

Texture: Real gold plating has a more pronounced texture, especially the metallic texture. Although imitation gold plating might closely resemble the color, a closer look reveals a plastic-like feel and a relatively poor metallic texture.

Test Report: Don’t shy away from asking your jewelry supplier for an electroplating test report. This report will spill the beans about the material and thickness of the plating.

Craftsmanship: Factories producing fake gold plating pieces often cut corners to reduce costs, especially skipping time-consuming burnishing processes. As a result, the craftsmanship of fake-gold plated jewelry is generally subpar, and the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

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3. The Impact of Fake-Gold Plated Jewelry on Online Jewelry Sellers

Fake gold-plated jewelry can wreak havoc on both wearers and sellers. Here’s how it impacts online jewelry sellers:

Impact on wearers: Fake-gold plated jewelry is more likely to trigger skin irritation or allergic reactions. It might also change color or fade rapidly.
Increased Costs: If online jewelry sellers end up buying fake gold-plated jewelry at the price of real gold-plated jewelry, they’re essentially paying more than they should.
High Returns Rate: Suppliers of fake gold-plated jewelry might have lax quality control standards, leading to a high rate of returns.
Trust Issues: Some unscrupulous suppliers might try to pass off fake-gold plated jewelry as genuine, causing trust issues between buyers and sellers.
Risk of Recall: Fake gold-plated jewelry might contain harmful metals such as nickel and lead in the plating. If these pieces of jewelry reach the market, they could potentially be subjected to a recall.

4. How to Avoid Buying Fake-Gold Plated Jewelry

To steer clear of fake gold-plated jewelry, keep these tips in mind:

Buy from reputable sources: Stick to trustworthy sources with a proven track record of selling high-quality products.
Know your purchase: Before you make a purchase, understand the thickness of the plating and the carat weight of the gold used.
Ask for a report: If you’re dealing with a new supplier, don’t hesitate to ask for an electroplating report.
Don’t chase the lowest price: While it’s essential to keep costs in check, don’t compromise on quality. Inferior products could potentially result in greater losses.

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5. Conclusion

Fake-gold plated jewelry is a pitfall that every online jewelry seller should be aware of. 

By understanding how to identify these fakes and taking measures to avoid buying them, you can ensure that your customers get high-quality products that live up to their expectations. 
We hope this article equips you with the valuable information you need to navigate the world of online jewelry selling successfully.

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