All You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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What is Cubic Zirconia?

All You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 1

Cubic Zirconia (CZ), a synthetically produced, hard, colorless, and optically flawless crystal, has been the most popular industrial diamond substitute since 1976 due to its low cost, durability, and diamond-like appearance. 

Over a century of development and refinement, CZ has become one of the widely accepted types of gemstones in the market.

Although CZ is man-made, it has widespread applications in the jewelry market due to its outstanding physical and chemical properties. This is why many people in the jewelry industry consider CZ as a diamond substitute.

The Characteristics of Cubic Zirconia

You might ask, what makes CZ so special that it can be widely accepted by consumers, and even sometimes considered as a diamond substitute? The answer lies in its physical and chemical properties.

Although CZ can’t compete with the hardness of a diamond, it still reaches a Mohs hardness of 8.5, enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. 

Moreover, its refractive index and dispersion are very close to that of a diamond, so under the refraction and reflection of light, CZ can produce a fire similar to a diamond.

There are some differences between CZ and diamonds. 

For instance, CZ has a smaller density than a diamond, so a CZ of the same size will be lighter than a diamond. Besides, compared to a Moissanite diamond, CZ has a slightly higher dispersion, so from certain angles, it may appear shinier.

The Color of Cubic Zirconia

All You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 2

The color of CZ is also diverse, from colorless and transparent to a variety of colors, you can find them all in the market. This is because the color of CZ can be changed through methods such as doping and heat treatment. 

Here are some common colors:

Clear or White: This is the most common color and is the closest to a diamond. Clear or white CZ is obtained through high-temperature heat treatment, has a pure and flawless appearance, and is often used as an important gift such as engagement rings.

Yellow, Orange, or Red: These colors are obtained by adding cerium (Ce) as a dopant to the raw materials. Cerium can change the absorption spectrum of CZ, giving it different yellow hues.

Green: This color is obtained by adding chromium (Cr) as a dopant to the raw materials. Chromium can give CZ strong green fluorescence, similar to emeralds.

Blue: This color is obtained by adding cobalt (Co) or iron (Fe) as a dopant to the raw materials. Cobalt or iron can give CZ different blue hues, similar to sapphires or aquamarines.

Purple: This color is obtained by adding neodymium (Nd) as a dopant to the raw materials. Neodymium can give CZ a violet luster, similar to amethyst.

Pink: This color is obtained by adding erbium (Er) as a dopant to the raw materials. Erbium can give CZ a pink luster, similar to pink gemstones.

Golden Brown: This color is obtained by adding titanium (Ti) as a dopant to the raw materials. Titanium can give CZ a golden brown luster, similar to a tiger’s eye.

What are Common Shapes of Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia, this artificially processed gemstone, with its dazzling luster and affordable price, has become an important part of the jewelry industry. Among them, its cut shape greatly impacts its optical effect and personal expression.

Round: Round CZ is the most common cut shape, representing perfection and classic. Round CZ performs excellently in terms of light reflection and refraction. 

This shape is suitable for traditional and elegant styles, and for those who wish their jewelry to have stable and lasting charm, round CZ is the best choice.

Oval: Oval CZ generally has a long axis and short axis ratio of 3:2, presenting a simple but not simplistic beauty. Oval CZ has smooth lines and is suitable for elegant, introverted individuals.

Heart: Heart-shaped CZ is the first choice for expressing love, representing eternal love and romance. If you want to give a special gift to your loved one on a special day, such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, then a heart-shaped CZ is your best choice.

Princess Square: Princess square CZ has right angles at its four corners, representing elegant and modern beauty. Princess square CZ is suitable for those who focus on fashion and individuality.

It’s worth mentioning that if you need a special shape of CZ, it can also be obtained through manual grinding. However, the minimum order quantity and price of this method will be higher than those of regular shapes of CZ.

How Cubic Zirconia and Silver Can Enhance Your Jewelry?

All You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 3


The combination of CZ and silver not only enhances the luster and stability of CZ but also enhances the luxury and fashion sense of silver. 

The superiority of this combination lies not only in its external beauty but also in its ability to reduce costs and increase cost-effectiveness, suitable for consumers of various budgets and needs.

Whether you are a jewelry retailer or a jewelry enterprise, you should consider adding CZ and silver jewelry to your product line to meet the needs of your customers.

How to Choose the Right Cubic Zirconia Grade for Your Jewelry

Understanding the Grading of Cubic Zirconia

When choosing CZ, its grade is a very important consideration. Normal gemstone suppliers will supply CZ according to A, AAA, or AAAAA grades or categories. AAAAA or 5A is considered the best in terms of quality, polish, cut, and surface treatment.

The Impact of Cubic Zirconia Grades

The grade of CZ directly affects its price and quality. The higher the grade of CZ, the higher its price. This is because high-grade CZ requires a finer process and higher technical requirements during manufacturing, and its quality and appearance are closer to real diamonds.

How to Choose Cubic Zirconia

When  choosing CZ, in addition to considering its grade, you should also consider its color, shape, size, and style. 

For example, if you like a low-key style, you can choose CZ with a darker color and a simple shape. 

If your budget is limited, you can choose a small and exquisite CZ. In general, when choosing CZ, you should consider your needs and preferences, not just chase after grade and size.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry: What to Look for When Buying

All You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 4

When purchasing CZ jewelry, the following points should be noted:

1. Identify authenticity

Although CZ is a synthetic gemstone, there are still some counterfeit products on the market. Real CZ should be colorless or close to colorless, and with no internal flaws.

2. Compare prices 

The price of CZ is related to its grade, size, and cut. When purchasing, you should compare more and choose products with high cost-effectiveness.

3. Check the cut and quality

The cut determines the dazzle of CZ, and the quality determines the lifespan of CZ, so you should check carefully when buying.

4. It is not recommended to buy CZ below the AAA level. 

Currently, with the continuous maturity of technology, the price of CZ is becoming cheaper.

5. It’s worth noting that the size of CZ is not always the bigger, the better. 

Although a large CZ is more eye-catching, you should balance it with the cut and purity process. Sometimes smaller CZ can be more dazzling.

How to Profit from Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

1. Superior Ethics: Compared with traditional gemstones, CZ jewelry is a more ethical choice. You may not have to worry about unethical mining practices or exploitative labor conditions. This is an increasingly popular responsible choice.

2. Diamond Substitute: CZ is a synthetic gemstone with a high degree of imitation and beauty. The physical and optical properties of CZ are very close to those of diamonds, so it can imitate the luster and fire of diamonds with a very high degree of realism. The beauty of CZ can attract customers’ love and increase the chances of sales.

3. Save Expenses: CZ is an economical gemstone with high cost-effectiveness and affordability. The price of CZ is much lower than that of diamonds and other gemstones, so it allows customers to enjoy high-quality jewelry at a lower cost. The affordability of CZ can meet customers with different budgets and needs, expanding the market for sales.

4. Increase Choices: CZ is a diverse gemstone with a high degree of innovation and personalization. The color and shape of CZ can be adjusted and changed by artificial methods, so it can provide a variety of design possibilities and choices. The diversity of CZ can meet customers with different tastes and preferences, improving the competitiveness of sales.


In conclusion, we hope this article will help you to better understand CZ, a synthetic stone for jewelry, and its applications and advantages in the jewelry industry. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Jewepiter.

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